A travelers journey

  • Ever since I was little all I wanted to do was travel. I can thank my dad for that one. Our month long surf trips to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras etc… Sparked something in me that only grew stronger with time. Now here I am, freshly 21 and living in Australia by myself. I moved here from Colorado when a business endeavor went south for me. I moved to Colorado from Florida, where I grew up. One day in Florida, when I was 18 almost 19, something just hit me. I was standing still, idyling in life. I was working a dead end waitressing job and saving enough money to satisfy me for the 6 months I had it, I had stopped going to college and just couldn’t find what I needed to make me happy and so, that day I went home and packed everything that mattered to me into my car and decided I was going. Where, I had no clue. My mom came home while I was in the midst of packing, and angrily asked where I was going. I told her, honestly, that I had no clue. My mom has always been the jealous type, as alcoholics usually are. If you are doing something good for yourself, and its something they wish they could do, obviously they’re not going to be happy for you…especially if you are their daughter. My dad, not especially pleased with me either, threatened to put out a missing persons report, a claim that my car had been stolen (as it was under his name), but never went through with any of it. I only told them I was going on a road trip, and honestly that’s all I thought I was going to end up doing. Its now 2017 and I haven’t been home in over two years. Thankfully for social media, I put a post up on instagram of my packed suitcase with the caption of “where to?” My wonderful friend Jon T. who I didn’t know had moved to Colorado, commented and told me to come out for a music festival! And so my destination was set. I honestly cannot thank him enough, if he hadn’t asked me to come out, I would never have experienced the wonderful things these past two years have held for me. So off I went, with my parents as enemies left in my wake. Mt road trip took me three days and 31 hours driving. My first night I stayed in Atlanta Georgia. I was supposed to stay with a friend, my best friend actually, and I was really excited to see her again (she’d just left from Florida to study at Georgia tech the year earlier). And so I called her when I was about 45 minutes away and asked her where I should park! Mind you I had just driven 8 hours and gone out of my way to pass through Atlanta to see her, and now, when I was 45 minutes away, she uses the excuse that there’s no where for me to park and she has class in the morning blah blah bullshit. Some best friend I had. Ah well, I made the best of it. I got myself a hotel room and hit the town! From what I remember, (which isn’t much), I had such a fun night, stumbling back to my hotel room around 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning. After a few painfully short hours of sleep, I hit the road again, this time making it to St. Louis. I called my mom while I was on the road and she told me how awesome St. Louis was and that I just had to stop there on my way, my moms supposed “best friend”, lived there. Well it turns out that my moms best friend Angie, who was like my second momma when I was little, moved to Colorado years ago and was shocked to have my mother calling her. She told my mom to have me get in touch when I hit Colorado, another piece of the puzzle that just so happened to fall into place. After driving around down town St. Louis for an hour and a half, trying to find this lovely place my mother told me about, (with my doors locked and windows rolled up the entire time). I found out from my older sister that our mom had never actually been to St.Louis before and she was, possibly, even more insane than I realized. She did after all just lead her daughter into the heart of an incredibly dangerous city from her very tall tales of adventure. I kept on driving, getting a couple hours outside of that city and pulled off at some Hilton express on the side of the highway to get a few hours sleep. Thankfully, the next day I finally made it to Colorado! The place I thought was my ending destination.  

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