How could you possibly be a nanny and NOT want children? 

Ohmygosh well, first off, because I am already raising yours. I am getting your kids ready for school, fixing their pants when they put them on backwards, cleaning up their “accidents” (which usually consists of my very full morning coffee), wiping tears, wiping snotty noses and bums, “kiss it and make it better” to their boo-boos when they fall. They are in a way, my own kids. Of course not in the way of being their biological mother and I would never try and compare what I do to that but, when I sign up to be these beautiful children’s nanny, I sign up to love them and take care of them and to help these families raise them. I’m not really in the “fun aunt” role, I’m not really a big sister, I’m more of a third parent. And don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I love kids, I cherish every snuggle and giggle that we have throughout our many days together. I love being the scary monster chasing after them in the park, I love being crazy and silly and making them laugh, I even enjoy the looks the other snobby mums give me when I do it. I enjoy being with them but I also really enjoy going home at the end of the day. I enjoy my 2 hours of driving alone to and from work while I blast my music and set my favorite song on repeat and not worry about having a crying baby in my backseat, or a child asking “are we there yet” or “why is that tree like that?” (Which was the newest question I got this morning on our way to school, along with the million others), I enjoy going home to my wonderful man and snuggling up in bed and sleeping through the night without waking up to crying and screaming and nightmares. I’m that weird person that likes to take themselves out to movies and dinner, I really do value my alone time. I have never wanted children. Not when I was little, not while growing up, and not now. I am a traveler, I want the freedom to be able to pick my life up and move it at the drop of a hat. I’ve always heard “oh that’ll change”, “its just a phase!”, etc… No, stop it. It won’t change but, here is the beautiful thing about that and I know, it may be quite hard for moms to grasp but, that doesn’t take anything away from my ability to love YOUR children and be a kickass caretaker. I’ve learned quickly, due to a couple of jobs I’ve lost from my honesty, that if you tell a mom you are applying with to be a nanny, that you don’t want children yourself, something switches in their brain and all of a sudden, for no real reason at all, you are unfit to be taking care of their children. So now, I have to lie, when a mom asks I have to say, “oh of cooouuurse I want children! Who wouldn’t?” Or you just simply don’t get the job. The women that don’t want children, we don’t choose that because we hate kids or because we are some evil heartless monster. We don’t want kids because we have things we want to accomplish with our lives, careers that take 24/7 attention, traveling to do, places to see and things to do that don’t revolve around anyone else and yes, that may sound selfish, maybe we are selfish. But can you blame us? I have had plenty of moms tell me how they wish they could have followed their passion, their careers, travels they won’t be able to even think about for the next 18 years. I know that if I was a mother, If I somehow accidentally got pregnant and decided to have the baby, I know that I would be the best mom that I could possibly be. I would put my goals and my career on the back burner and my life would revolve around my tiny human and I would love him or her with all of my heart and because I know that, I am confident that it is not what I want. I don’t want to regret the choices I wasn’t able to make. For some, having children is the best gift that life can give, the biggest accomplishment, and all that I ask is that you respect and try and understand the women that don’t see things that way for their own life without judging them on their ability to look after your kids.


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