Why I thought coffee in Australia was amazing and, why I was so very wrong. 

The coffee culture in Australia is incredible, honestly, in the tiny little town I live in there are 12 cafes. I am such a coffee enthusiast that when I moved here at first I got so excited, instantly I was just like, “ah yes, this is where I will stay forever, alongside my beautifully caffeine addicted friends.” However, because I was new and because my host dad drank flat whites, that was immediately what I got into. Now, coming from American coffee, that was extremely different and also extremely delicious. It took a while for me to realize the reason it had such a lovely rich flavor to it was because it was 90% frothed whole milk. Now if you are like me and you like to drink your bodyweight in coffee daily, this excessive amount of milk is not the best for your ass…or your stomach…come to think of it my thighs probably weren’t thanking me either. Ah well, you get the point. Anyways, it took me nearly a year to figure out that if you want anything similar to an american coffee you have to order a long black and ask them to leave room for cold milk, this way you are not getting so much milk and voilà, you can resume drinking 72 cups of your favorite blend a day (please don’t take that literally). Also, the wonderful and profound difference between a flat white, cappuccino and, a latte, get this, fucking nothing. Okay, maybe not nothing, a cappuccino has chocolate dust on the top of its foam, a flat white has a little less foam, (supposedly none but it never seems to work out that way), than the cappucino or the latte. You are literally not going to get a noticeable difference unless you go somewhere where they have a very experienced Barista that also takes pride in their work, I really believe that’s the key. You could’ve been making coffees for the past 10 years and lose the “give-a-shit” factor and make a crap coffee, or you could be a coffee enthusiast and have been doing it for two months and be kick ass. Anyways, I’m getting off track here, PSA to my lovely Americans, if you don’t want to gain 5 lbs. on your wonderful Aussie adventures, stick to a long black and chuck some cold milk on top! If I hadn’t started working at a cafe I probably wouldn’t have realized, maybe I’m just blonde or unobservant but hey, if one person reads this and gets anything educational out of my coffee rant then I will chalk that up to a win!


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