If you don’t like controversial topics and strong opinions KEEP SCROLLING. 

Fuck, I love posting controversial things on Facebook. You see the little Christians get butthurt and come running with their pitchforks, (okay fine, keyboards), trying to burn you at the stake for having a difference of opinion. 

Religion is like a penis, its all fine and dandy if you have one but, the second you start rubbing it in my face and trying to shove it down my throat were going to have a motherfucking problem. 

Why does anyone have a problem with a transgender person? Why can’t you just leave them be! Stop trying to push religion on them to “find their way” or help them “stop being confused” or to “ease their suffering”. Stop being confused? Are you fucking kidding me? Ease their suffering? The only reason they’d be suffering is from the worlds unkind opinion of them, looking at them with distaste, being disgusted by who they feel is the real them. If they’re confident to come out as being transgender, chances are they’re pretty certain about their decision. They’re probably not just going to start feeling comfortable in their own skin because they found Jesus. If everyone accepted them for who they are would they still be suffering? Generally, I’ve found that people that follow the bible, tend to only follow certain parts of the bible, they like to cherry pick what they believe it and ignore all of the atrocious things the bible deams as acceptable. 

Before now we didn’t have the amazing advancements in the medical field that allows people to change gender if they choose, that’s why its not the norm, only because people haven’t had the opportunity to do so before recently. If they feel they want to take advantage of this, why are people condemning them for it? I truly do not understand and I would love to hear other people’s opinions on the matter. 


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