Fiji Finds

Wow. Just wow. I think I found heaven. My boyfriend and I just got back from our beautiful trip to Fiji for my 21st birthday and it was just paradise. I got us the tickets for his Christmas present to go over my birthday, arranged everything as a surprise, messaged his boss to make sure he had the time off and booked all of the accomadation etc. We were going for a surf trip so of course alongside the tickets I got him a brand new custom shaped surfboard to go with it….spoiled rotten that man is. 

First stop was plantation island or malolo lailai as it is originally called before all of the resort people took it over. I wish I had done more research on this place, as wonderful as it was and close to the surf breaks like cloud 9 and namotu lefts, restaurants etc… It was more of a family resort, and the food was terrible and very very overpriced. Thankfully we found musket cove right down the road! We literally rode our bikes to it, if I ever go back I am most definitely staying there. Much better food, much better atmosphere. We sat outside one day near their little restaurant and ate the most delicious pizza on my sarong that I spread out under a tree, it was just amazing, it really felt like tropical paradise.  

Also while at plantation island, (where I spent my 21st birthday), my wonderful man arranged a private boat to take us out to Cloud 9, a floating bar near the islands and it was absolutely incredible. I would recommend that to ANYONE going to visit Fiji. You can jump off the top deck and drink really cheap Fijian rum, DO NOT drink anything else. Seriously, the Fiji rum is like $10 and a corona is $25. It’s so much cheaper, so much better. 

Jumping from the top deck at Cloud 9
Cloud 9
Dining at Dicks in Musket Cove
Funky Fish Backpackers

I would definitely stay at either musket cove or at the Funky Fish if you are looking for more of a backpacker vibe.My boyfriend had never stayed at a hostel before, (not really much of a traveler), so I wanted to ease him into traveling by staying at some fancier places he might enjoy more. Much to my relief, we did actually stay at a hostel in Pacific Harbour and he LOVED it, I mean, we still had our own room but he did really enjoy the atmosphere. We stayed at the uprising backpackers and I would recommend that to anyone. Seriously, good food, good drinks, great atmosphere. You can even play volleyball, just don’t dive. The volleyball court is a slab of cement hidden by 7 or 8 inches of sand and everyone that played left with bloody elbows and knees….(we were a very competitive group.) Pacific harbour was beautiful as well but there was a four hour bus ride to get there. I didn’t mind so much but boyfriend got a bit impatient and uncomfortable so it made it a little less pleasant. If you’re like me, grab a book for the ride and four hours seems like nothing! It is definitely worth it to do the Bega Adventure Dive’s bull shark dive. We swam with 35 massive bull sharks and it was hands down, the most incredible experience of my life. It also opened up my boyfriends eyes to how amazing traveling and experiencing these incredible things can be which made me extremely happy. I know what you ate thinking though, these crazy m-fers dove, without a cage, with 35 bull sharks. Surprisingly, it really wasn’t scary either. You have these guys that basically sit on top of you with these metals nudgers that kind of just redirect the sharks away from you and, they have been doing it for 15 years without incident so I decided to go ahead and trust them. Well worth the risk. 

Bega adventures bull shark dive

I got a little off track here. I told you about beginning and then the end of my trip rather than continuing with the middle but oh well. After plantation island we stayed on Mana Island which has another backpackers on it called Ratu Kinis, I didn’t see much of the living conditions at Ratu but I would reccomend either to anyone. Mana is a little bit expensive, the food and entertainment was really cool though. We went frog racing and played ping pong, one of the locals even made me a big hat out of some type of plant. It was very very cool and the island was incredibly beautiful as you come to expect pretty much anywhere in Fiji. 

Mana island resort
Mana island resort

Mana island beach


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