Couples that save together stay together? 

I can’t help myself, I’m never satisfied. I always want to know more, be doing more, be accomplishing more and that is very difficult when your partner couldn’t be more opposite. I want to save together and travel together and work towards our life together and he has no goals or aspirations and I just don’t think you can force those things on people. I wish I could. 

Last night we got into an argument about saving. I want to save together, put money away weekly into our joint account, to help us pay for the start of our travels at the end of the year around Australia and he doesn’t want to do it together. His argument is that his money is his and my money is mine, my argument is that if we are together, if we are planning something expensive together, why would we not want to save together? It would make it easier to be more motivated, putting something small like $50-75 away each Friday (our pay days). I don’t understand why we wouldn’t. I understand if he thought I was some money hungry girl looking to steal from him or something but he trusts me much more than that and p.s. I make double what he makes. I don’t need his money. I don’t want his money and I pay for most of the things we do because I know I make more. I’m very generous with it because in my mind, its our money, If he needed something I wouldn’t hesitate to give him however much money it would cost in a heartbeat. Its just what you do for the person you love that you are sharing a life with. 

My only real reason for wanting to do it together is because it shows me that he is committed to investing in our future together, it would give me some peace of mind knowing that were working towards something together. Also, because he is shit with money. Like, horrible. He can’t save to save his life and I know that if were not doing it together in an account we both can see and make it a thing that he’s just not going to do it. We used to, we saved up for our trip to Byron bay and Fiji by putting weekly money away and I just don’t know what is different about it this time except maybe the fact that it would be a substantial amount of money at the end of a long period of time. So what are your opinions? Is it wise to save together while your in a relationship or are you more like my partner and you think its better to be possessive about having your own money and keeping all funds separate? 


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