Jenolan Caves Blue Mountain Getaway 💜

Last weekend we spent at the Jenolan Caves House in the blue mountains and it was absolutely stunning! The room was a little dated of course, the hotel itself is over 200 years old, but we had a wonderful time. The cave adventures were amazing! We did the Lucas Cave tour, the imperial, and the diamond orient (the night time tour). It was freezing but awesome. I would highly reccomend the night time tours! The tour guides are fun and tell you some interesting facts about the caves, there’s one guy there, an older dude, I don’t know what his name was but I would definitely make sure you get a tour with him! He’s insane, but in a fun way. The caves house is extremely limited for food choices and the stuff we did get was pretty awful, they have good coffee though! Definitely go upstairs and avoid the downstairs cafe completely if you can. They also have refrigerators in some of the rooms and microwaves too so you can bring your own food if you want! We ended up going out to Oberon to the pizza place there called the cave, it was really good but make sure you park in front and keep an eye on your car…it’s a little bit of a sketchy town. All in all it was a much needed wonderful weekend getaway and I would definitely recommend it for anyone traveling Australia! 


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