There’s a difference between someone that loves you and someone that says they do…

In our generation people are torn between wanting to stay young and free and wanting to love and be loved and a lot of times its hard to have both. When you’re in a relationship you have to give up parts of yourself for your significant other, not big parts, you of course should always remain who you are but most times things like partying, traveling by yourself, or moving around are limited, if not gone all together. When you love someone, you’d bend over backwards for them, you’d give up everything for them and do anything to see them smile. If you are truly in love its easy to be kind, its easy to think of the one you love, these things should come naturally to you and if they don’t, maybe you’re not really in love with that person . You might care for them, you might like the idea of them, but maybe you’re not really ready to be “in love” quite yet. You deserve someone that cares about your feelings, someone that you will never doubt that they love you because they show it in every action, opening car doors, random kisses, the sweet texts for no reason or notes left on your bedside table. You deserve to feel absolutely cherished and nothing less. You don’t need to be second guessing yourself and second guessing your significant others feelings for you. One mans “I wasn’t ready” is another mans “I knew the second I saw her”. And you deserve a man that knew the second he saw you. Someone that will drive an hour just to see you because he wants to, someone that calls you randomly throughout the day just because he was thinking of you. Someone that takes the time to leave little notes on your bedside table for you to find when you come home from work. You deserve to be loved unconditionally and irrevocably, and don’t for a second ever let someone believe you deserve less. 


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