A letter to the girl who hasn’t been herself in a while…

by  Brit Bandana

It will come back—it being the light which fills your heart, the tranquility which calms your nerves, and the clarity which your mind so dearly needs.

The giddiness, the playfulness, the confidence in being you.

It will come back one day.

Not that you’ve been unhappy per se. It’s hard to describe exactly what you’ve been feeling as of late.

You’re just…off.

It’s important to remember that this is just a phase. This, like so much else in your life will come to pass. That is the nature of impermanence. Nothing lasts.

Think back to all of the other times that you’ve been in a mood of sorts, or the world has crumbled and everything you once thought was true revealed itself to be false.

Our realities change every moment. We can hardly expect to go on feeling the same way through the constant motion.

Our moods change, but our personalities do not.

While our external may be forever changing, our internal does not.

Which is why someday you will come back to yourself.

Yes, I believe we do improve upon ourselves as time goes on. However, I do not think that we ever truly change our inherent nature.

We are just the same as we were as small children who had emotions and moods, which were in as pure a form as they could be.

We are still very much our infant selves, and whomever that person was that developed those many years ago will always be with us.

They will lead us to where we eventually want to go.

You’ll get there. You’re just not there, yet. But, someday soon you will be right back in your body, able to make decisions and plan for the future, able to laugh and play and be a little goofy.

You’ll come back to yourself—to who you once were.

We all do eventually.


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